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Psychic Lowdown

Be in the know with our guide:

Channelling: the act of receiving information from an outside source.

Psychic Medium: a person who channels by relaying information from an outside source.

Clairaudience: the ability to hear or perceive sounds which are not normally audible. A form of medium ship

Clairsentience: an energy of knowing an event, past, present or future through a feeling. A form of medium ship.

Clairvoyance: extrasensory perception of an event which is not present to the five senses. A form of medium ship.

Divination: a prophecy, prediction or foretelling the future by the act or practicing the occult arts.

Precognition: seeing ahead in time, a premonition of an event or something that will happen in the future.

Prophecy: to predict a future event under the influence of divine guidance.

Psychometry: divining knowledge about an object or a person connected with it through contact with the object.

Remote Viewing: to be able to see, describe a person, place or thing without being in their presence.

Psychic Checklist
A True Psychic Will

-Be correct 90% of the time.
-Give you in-depth insight and not generalities.
-Have a deep spiritual belief.
-Have their own life in order.
-Honour their body and be healthy and fit.
-Provide information to overcome the negativity in your life.
-Be focused and clear in their readings.
-Make you feel positive and filled with energy. (Australian Australia's Aussie OZ AU)


    Psychic Email Reading

Psychic Email Reading

Special Offer $17 For 3 Questions

We are proud to offer email readings which are as accurate and directional as those given by phone, to book a psychic email reading by debit or credit card with one of our email psychic specialists for just $17 see the details below. Once we receive your order, we will make contact with you by email, gain your specific queries and questions and then one of our talented email psychics will email your reading within 24 hours simply click the buy now checkout button to book online or call the number listed below.

How To Book

Book By Phone:
You can call and pay with a debit or credit card.

Book Online: Using the secure Google Buy Now Button Below: -
Please note you will be charge as 10 sterling which equals $17 Australian dollars


Why People Have Psychic Email Readings.
An email psychic reading is more private than having a phone or face to face psychic reading, it has the adaptability of being efficient and delivered to your inbox discreetly. You will also have a written record which you can refer back to, especially if predictions form part of the reading. Reasons for having a psychic reading include, ask a question – get an immediate answer, peep at what’s around the corner, decision making or simply an indulgent treat.

What Questions Can I Ask For My Psychic E-mail Reading?

The reading can cover all life aspects including, work, career, money, relationships, love, decisions to make and also predictive if you want to know where you will be in so many years time. You can ask up to 3 questions and be as specific as you like about them. There is also a free follow up facility where if you have a final question leading off the information your receive, you can ask and be answered free of charge.

Who Performs The Reading?

The psychic email readings are performed by our resident email psychic readers who are full clairvoyants with acres of experience and a strong link to spirit side, this means you are receiving a reading by the same expert level as our phone or face to face readers. Our email readers have many regular clients from all over the World.

Is It Confidential?

The reading will always be 100% confidential and never revealed to a 3rd party.

When Can I Expect It To Arrive?

Well within the 24hr time frame stated, and in most cases turned around in the same day from receipt of your email including your questions and relevant details - A great service!

Why Should I Use Psychic Sense?

Psychic Sense is one of the strongest UK phone brands within the UK today, housing the most genuine talented team with the most spiritual skills, established over 15 years. A real spiritual reading of any kind should leave you uplifted and renewed and with the confidence to forge ahead positively and with balanced energies. email reading

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Our Psychic's are available 24 hours - 7 days per week
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Calls Cost $5.45/min GST incl. This is a LIVE service. Credit card calls are charged at $3.95/min. Mobiles/payphones higher. Must be 18+ & have bill payer's permission. Network Provider Streamlive Psychic Sense actively donates to the Breast Cancer Awareness fund. All readings are for entertainment purposes only (Australian Aussie Australia's OZ AU)

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We at Psychic Sense aim to offer the best service available in the market place and be as competitive as possible with our service and price